Sunday, 9 June 2013

Musings ~ Online friendships

I set this up with a view to daily muses but sadly life has been kind of a mess since my forced retirement?

I always thought that retirement would lend to being able to get everything I've had on my mind for years finally done ie all the hundreds of books read -the mending finally finished, my cd's all listened to, daily wanderings through our local opshops (yep, I'm a 2nd hand addict) and many other things - BUT and it's big! I never get time:) There always seems to be something happening or some chore or tother in the way. 

I spend way too much time on SOCIAL MEDIA but love the people I"ve met there. Dang to the Professor who once said that no real friendships could be made online - I now have a lady I proudly call my sister (not really related) and also the most wonderful (pretend) brother any girl could hope to have (poking tongue out now at Professor). There's our dear friend in WestAus, who both my daughter and myself adore (who flew all the way to the East Coast to share dd's 21st, our wonderful Canadian gals, Dear Joe, Liz, Cookie, Jenna and tonight I have Confirmed one long term and a newish great friend who support both myself and our common goal of a FreeTibet. There are many MANY other special people who now have become part of my life (daily) and I treasure their online company, comments and support.  I worry if I don't see them posting for awhile:( I know I will treasure these friendships for many years to come! 

Without my social media I would have no idea what was happening around the world and I know it in a zillionth of a second. Puts a whole new meaning to Breaking News. I have shared loves found and lost, lives lost and found, jobs lost and found! Family dramas, life adventures and even real time war and protest updates. I would not be without Social Media nor the wonderful people that have come into my life and become family!

Luv to those wonderful peeps xxoo

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