Monday, 18 June 2012

End like this?

I admit it - I am now 54 years old and never ever had visions of what my life at 54 would, in reality, be like!

I always thought that I would be invincible and would be able to continue with my passion for gardening and just getting through my days with gusto but I have OA, a disc bulge and Ankylising Spondylosis.

This means that now I find that I wake up wondering which bit will hurt most today.  Lately it's been almost migraine headaches and the feeling that my head is hanging on to my body by a mere thread. 

Health care is tricky in Australia.  With my not working more than 5 hours a week and our usual bills I cannot just head to a specialist without seeking avenues to gain financial help to get there.  I have finally, after 3 years of trying, found a GP that listens a bit (LOL) and has arranged a Rheumy visit next month.  This visit just won't come fast enough I'm afraid as I find I'm struggling emotionally with the lack of proper meds and assistance or a realisation of where I'm at physically.

I am starting to feel that I should be legally retired and allowed my super but my views and the medical profession I fear will differ.

I so feel for any one out there that has major health probs and just cannot get the help they deserve.  Things have to change somehow and 'us' the lower end of 'a' financial' scale need better help.
Just needed to vent today sorry!
till later