Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Banking in this day n age!

Really really suggesting to everyone that they do take out Income insurance when they acquire a loan of any type.

We didn't think it would be necessary and then SNAP.. I find I have a disc problem aggravated by my work placing me in a job position that required lifting (note this was after they'd been told that I couldn't lift, bend, twist etc) To be fair to all concerned I dropped back to casual, only to go for 2 months before gettingany shift at all. 

This of course meant that we fell behind in ALL our bills but specially the mortgage:( Now this only happened once in our married lives before and the Commonwealth bank was awesome allowing us 3 months payments tacked onto the end of our loan (which let us get back onto our feet), our current loaner on the other hand has no empathy at all and is harrassing us at every turn - they won't let us make arrangemenst to pay off the arrears and they keep ringing.

My beef with them apart from the lack of empathy is the fact that whomever rings has no idea at all what was arranged with the last person who called - which led us to a shock phone call yesterday that was to the effect that they were about to sell us up:(

Frantic borrowing from hubbies work may just allow us to make this months payment but really - Do it people, take out income insurance as you never know when you may need it:(
Thanks for letting me rant, ciou, gilly

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